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We are a team of Swedish people who love sales and to help our clients win more deals. Do you want more deals? Keep reading!

We at 3step.io are a remote-first company and value getting the best people on board no matter where they live.

What makes us different from the rest?
We always scan the market for the latest software and tools to improve our work and the client’s results.
Yes, we use the phone to make classic cold calls as well, but not only. We have added a few automation and smart tools to make the work a lot easier and more time efficient.
And you know what?
We do not keep it as a intern secret. We can set you up with the same smart way of contact potential companies and we always let you try for FREE! 

Just let us know, we can call you and just start with small talk to check your needs.

Our goal is to help you win more businesses. The only question is, what way is best for you and your clients?


Robin Söderström, CEO & Founder

Love remote work, travelling, pintxos and always search new solutions to improve the results.

Maija Lindqvist, Project Leader

Wine evenings and spanish food is her thing. Family and friends is what matters!

Fanny Forsell, Project Leader

This is Fanny! She love nature, dancing and never say no to a nice dinner with friends and family.


We serving a wide array of clients, provide first-class appointment setting and telemarketing services for many B2B sectors.

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