We might be the most modern appointment setting company in Sweden. we combine AI, the latest tools and experience over the phone in the best possible combination 2021.

We are a professional team of appointment setters who have experience from many B2B projects. We are very selective with our partners and because we work almost 100% commission based, it’s important that we believe in the project and that the partnership works smoothly.

For the moment, we only call towards the Swedish market. But hey! We can still help you get clients with our latest AI and data tools no mather country. Contact us for more info!


1. We cold calling your prospects

We either use your databas and prospects or we at 3step can find it for you.then we import it into our CRM before we start calling. Our sales agent start call just a few days after!

2. We set the appointments in your calender

Our sales agent set meetings in your calendar so you only need to focus on the meeting with the potential clients of yours.

3. You convert appointments to clients

Now its your turn to shine! We´ve done the first 2 steps and the step 3 is yours to make. You try to convert as many appontments as possible to go from leads to paying clients.

What we can help you with? A lot. Contact us for free consultancy.

Appointment setting

You want to skip those cold calls and instead focus on converting leads to paying clients? We make the phone calls!

Business Data

If you provide us your target group we can provide you with a CSV/XLS file with all relevant information. All according to GDPR. (We giving away 10 for free)

Email Drip Campaigns

Do you want to set up a Email drip campaign? We have the tool and the business data. In this way you can reach a big volym of companies in your target group for a very low price.

Get leads from your website

You spend a lot of time and maybe money to get visitors to your website? But if they do not contact you what's the point? Have you seen this blue phone widget at the right bottom of this page? Get one you as well and convert 15% more!

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